Frankenstein Serigraph
Currently available: "Frankenstein"
Limited-edition serigraph

Produced by Nino Carbe under
Victor Sanchez.

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This Frankenstein serigraph is a limited edition of 150 - the first 5 are signed by the artist. Having painted the original in 1982, Nino subsequently performed the delicate and exacting serigraph process himself, cutting each silkscreen, applying the paint and pulling the screen. It was a 38-screen process - certain colors were varied from the original painting by Nino’s design. It was created in the studios of artist Victor Sanchez, who also assisted Nino with the production process. The painting itself was made specifically as the cover art to the 1982 Danish printing of the book Frankenstein. This version of Shelley's classic was published by International Book Automation, and also included the original pen and ink illustrations Nino created in 1932 for that year’s print run by Illustrated Editions (the first ever illustrated release of the book).

A signed serigraph 36 inches by 24 inches on paper is $1,800 and an unsigned serigraph is $1000.
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