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Nino Carbe’s FrankensteinVisionarypassionate

During my father’s later years, he also started to create much more of his own artwork. His background in precision and realism was always at the foundation of his paintings. He enjoyed painting watercolors of seascapes and mountain scenes.

This is one of my favorite paintings by my father, Nino Carbe. Not only is this of me as a child, but it holds such fond memories for me of my father. He loved the seaside.  It brought him such peace and creativity. I think the ocean was a true muse.

When Nino was in his early twenties, he sent in some illustrations to a publishing company that was looking for illustrations for a new edition of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. He quickly got a response asking him to do all the illustrations for the book. His introspective nature, along with the many hours he spent discussing spirituality, philosophy, and art with his friends helped shape Nino’s vision of Dr. Frankenstein’s creation. His love of fantasy and the macabre is apparent in the illustrations he made of Doctor Franken- stein’s creation; however, he also captures the human suffering of a man in search of his maker, and the pain that turns to anger when he is rejected by the doctor who gave him life.